Cheng and Cheng Taxation Services Limited (Cheng and Cheng Taxation), one of the top 20 accounting firms in Hong Kong, reviews the Inland Revenue Department's latest draft legislation and guidelines on amendments to the taxation of foreign-sourced passive income, under which dividend income will no longer automatically be 100% non-taxable in Hong Kong, while offshore claims in Hong Kong will

Cheng & Cheng Taxation Reveals How the Foreign-Sourced Income Exemption Regime Is a Radical Change to the Source Concept of Hong Kong’s Taxation System

After implementing Transfer Pricing Law for a few years, Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department is now ready to impose more Transfer Pricing Audit on Hong Kong Tax Payers and request taxpayers to prepare and submit Transfer Pricing Documentation. Cheng & Cheng Taxation Services Limited (“Cheng & Cheng Taxation”) will further reveal the importance of balancing interests of HKIRD in Transfer

Cheng & Cheng reveals the importance of balancing interests of HKIRD in Transfer Pricing matter

Taxation can be an effective tool for influencing corporate behaviour. Cheng & Cheng Taxation Services Limited ("Cheng & Cheng's Taxation") regards it is the reason why many jurisdictions are devoting huge amounts of resources in an effort to attract research and development (R&D) centres. In this, Hong Kong is no exception.A 'super tax deduction' on certain R&D activities was introduced

Cheng & Cheng Taxation Reveals how Super Tax Deduction on R&D Activities in Hong Kong