As one of our core services, our team includes experienced tax experts in handling individual tax cases with pro-active attitude in discovering tax opportunities and risks of your personal tax position.

We can assist you on the following services:

Compliance Services

Annual Hong Kong Individual Tax Return Filing (BIR 60)


Normal Due Date for filing Individuals Tax Return

Extended Due Date for represented cases

Not involving sole-proprietorship

Within 1 month from the date of issuance

3 July 2021

Involving sole-proprietorship

Within 3 months from the date of issuance

4 October 2021

Annual Employer’s Return Filing (BIR56A/B)

Employment Status

Due Date for filing the Form

Continuous employment
to 31 March

Within 1 month from the issue date of the Employer’s Return

Lodgment of time apportionment claim

Under Non-Hong Kong employment, employment income is taxed in Hong Kong on a time-apportionment basis. Three factors will determine whether it is Hong Kong or non-Hong Kong employment

Lodgment of offshore claim on Employment Income / Director Fee

The factors to determine the source of Employment Income and Director Fee are different. Offshore sourced income is not subject to Hong Kong Salaries Tax.

Tax Credit Claim (Avoidance of Double Taxation)

Tax credit calculation could be complex, but it is an effective tool to avoid double taxation. Keep your foreign tax payment receipt and apply for Tax Credit Claim in your Hong Kong Salaries Tax filing.


Advisory Services

Individual tax advisory from Hong Kong and PRC tax perspective

It is common for Hong Kong individual to work in the PRC while PRC individuals to work in Hong Kong. Under two different tax systems, proper tax planning would help reduce the tax rates of Employment Income and Investment Income.

Housing Allowance Claim (Rental Value)

With proper tax planning and monitoring, Housing Allowance is taxed at the lower of 4%/8%/10% of the remuneration and rental reimbursement. It is an effective tool to save your Hong Kong Salaries Tax liabilities.

Internal Staff vs. External Consultant (Contract of Services vs. Contract for Services)

It is much easier for External Consultants to pursue expense deduction claim than Internal Staff. The IRD has its own set of rules to determine whether you are an Internal Staff or an External Consultant. With Proper Tax Planning and Reporting, your Personal Tax Liabilities could be significantly reduced.

Sole Proprietorship Tax Planning

Expense deduction claim has been a headache for sole proprietor. Aggressive / Unreasonable / False expense deduction may trigger challenges from the IRD. In the worst case, severe penalty and imprisonment could be possible consequences.

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