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Foreign debt-related services

Foreign debt-related services play a crucial role in facilitating cross-border investment and financing transactions in Mainland China. We provide a comprehensive scope of services in respect of foreign debt arrangements.

1. Advisory on Cross-border Investment and Financing Transactions

We offer consultancy services for structuring and executing cross-border investment and financing transactions, ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations and optimizing the financial benefits for our clients. Our team of experts provides guidance on the most suitable financing instruments, such as bonds, debentures and commercial loans, based on our clients' specific needs and market conditions.

2. Review of Foreign Debt Contracts

We conduct a thorough review on foreign debt contracts to ensure that they are compliant with local laws and regulations. This includes analyzing the terms and conditions, assessing the risks involved, and advising on any potential issues or modifications that may be required.

3. Assistance on Opening Foreign Debt Bank Accounts and Conducting Foreign Debt Registration

We assist clients in opening foreign debt accounts and completing the necessary registration procedures with the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (“SAFE”). This includes preparing and submitting the required documents to the SAFE, and liaising with them to ensure timely approval and registration.

4. Handling Tax and Foreign Exchange Procedures for Remittance of Loan Interest and Principal

We provide support in navigating the tax and foreign exchange procedures required for remitting principal and interest payments to foreign creditors. This includes preparing the necessary tax returns and obtaining foreign exchange approvals from the SAFE for remittances.

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