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Customs advisory and dispute resolution

China customs is governed by a series of laws and regulations. These regulations dictate the classifications, rates and procedures for assessing duties and taxes on imported and exported goods. From tariffs on consumer products to taxes on specific products, China customs manages import and export of goods and services and at the same time ensures the proper collection of duties and taxes.

China customs levies different types of duties and taxes, for example, customs duties, value-added tax and consumption tax. The tax rates generally depend on the types of commodities, origin country and shipping mode. Import duties are categorized into six types: general duty rates, most favored nation duty rates, conventional duty rates, preferential duty rates, tariff rate quota duty rates and temporary duty rates.

The intricate regulations and procedures surrounding China customs can often be challenging for businesses. As tax professionals, we specialize in providing comprehensive services that aim to simplify these complexities and ensure smooth operations for our clients.

Customs Advisory and Planning

We provide clients with detailed consultations on various customs-related issues, including import/export licenses or quota requirements, customs classification and customs valuation, etc. Our team of experts possesses in-depth knowledge and experience in customs matters, enabling us to offer tailored advice and solution to the specific needs of our clients.

Internal customs health check

Similar to internal tax health check, we can help clients to conduct internal customs health check upon their request to identify potential risks and explore possible planning opportunities on a timely basis.

Customs Dispute Resolution

Disputes related to customs issues can often be complex and challenging. We maintain close working relationships with various customs offices in Mainland China, enabling us to assist clients in resolving disputable customs issues effectively. We can help clients apply with their in-charge customs offices to obtain favorable outcomes.

Processing trade arrangements

Some companies may consider adopting processing trade models (like import processing, contract processing, etc.) to conduct import/export and processing activities, in order to maximize the efficiency of customs duties and VAT.  We can help our clients to review their operation models and objectives, design optimal processing trade arrangements and detailed operation flows, apply for the customs logbooks, and assist on the relevant customs compliance requirements.

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